The Schwertner Select program is a health based program aimed at weaning a calf in its natural environment.

The specifications are as follows:
Cattle are sold FOB Schwertner, TX.
Initial bill includes cost of cattle and initial medicine.
Cattle are processed using our vaccination program.
Cattle are dehorned, bulls cut/banded, tails trimmed, etc.…
Cattle can be branded, tagged, or implanted according to your specs.

Initial Med Bill (Medicine prices may change throughout the year)

Chute Charge $ 3.00
Bovishield Gold One Shot $3.85
Valbazen $1.00
Cavalry 9/Ultrabac 7® way $1.00
Excede $13.25-22.80 per head based on weight
Injectable Dectomax® $2.40
Probiotic Mineral Paste $.95
Ear Tag $.65
Fly Spray (During Summer) $.85
PI Testing $3.50
Rough Total $30.00- to $42.00/ hd.

Cattle are then turned out on improved pastures (sorghum, oats, rye, coastal, Tifton 85) for a minimum of 45 days with extensions possible depending on forage availability.
Year round gain average is 1.35/lb./day but we do NOT guarantee a minimum amount of gain
Cost of the program is priced $2.50 per head per day.
Supplemental feed is included in the price consisting of 50% cracked corn and 50% pelleted supplement.
All cowboy care, doctoring in the pasture, mineral, and feed are included in the per head per day charge.
We will guarantee the death loss not to exceed 6%.
Chronics and cripples will also be repurchased at 40% of the original value. Original value is equal to the cattle cost plus initial vaccination cost.
PI positive cattle will be repurchased at 25% of original value plus vaccination cost plus pasture
Your final billing charge will show pasture charges, freight charges from Capitol Land and Livestock to your destination, and any death loss/cripple/chronic adjustments.

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